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Preview unread/total number of emails in i3status

I recently added a small section to my i3status bar with the number of unread emails and total emails. In order to avoid having thunderbird open all the time, I also added a wrapper which puts it into headless mode.

Some of my favorite choreos

Dancing was one of the things that kept me mentally sane in 2020. Because Lindy Hop is not possible at the moment, we shifted to choreographies and friends organized weekly meetings where we could meet online and learn them together.

Reading the vim help files

I thought that I should improve my vim skills this morning and started by reading the vim help pages. I skimmed them in the past a couple of times, but actually learned most of the keys by doing.

Hello World!

This is the first post on a new blog I'm starting. The previous, purely technical, one is moved to a different URL and the focus of this one is on more personal stuff I'm interested in.