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Reading and writing the web with Vim

Two features of the Tridactyl extension makes reading/writing the web much more relaxing for me. The most common element of Vim like extensions is link following with highlighted key-codes. This makes mouse pointing unecessary and reading workflow easier. (also don't forget to use the g<f|F> chain) But I find the visualized style of many websites too distracting and use Vim in those cases to construct an answer or dissect a thread.

A lesser known feature of Tridactyl is the $EDITOR insert mode where a custom buffer is created in the background edit by the set editor and then input into the website. Together with a tiling window manager you can write a prose of text, without having to look at the website during this process. This lessen mental strain for me and let me concentrate on the actual question. I'm often use this for Github. You first have to check that the native plugin is installed with :native and can apply this to any form by pressing <Ctrl> + i when focused on the element.

Reading a website in Vim is not directly supported by Tridactyl but the native messenger makes simple (yet powerful) extensions possible. You can find a script here which takes a url, parses with pandoc and puts that into my stash folder and open the file in Vim. From Tridactyl you only have to bind this script to a key:

bind ,e composite get_current_url | exclaim_quiet $HOME/.local/bin/stash_website epub
bind ,p composite get_current_url | exclaim_quiet $HOME/.local/bin/stash_website pdf
bind ,m composite get_current_url | exclaim_quiet $HOME/.local/bin/stash_website markdown

so that you can press ,<e|p|m|> to generate either epub, pdf or markdown format. I'm using markdown format to read in 95% of the time. Pruning the website, marking interesting sections and making extracts happens with the day-to-day Vim commands.

That's all, have a nice and fulfilled day!